Doctors & Providers

Our doctors are all at the very pinnacle of their respective specialties and provide patients with unmatched levels of personalized care. Within the overall medical field, neurosurgeons and orthopaedic spine surgeons are the highest on the pecking order due to the extraordinary amount of surgical training required to become board-certified in that specialty (there are only around 3500 board-certified neurosurgeons in the U.S.).

For those patients not needing surgery, we offer an extensive range of interventional pain services from Fellowship trained physicians for the treatment of spinal, pelvic, abdominal, regional, head and facial acute and chronic pain.

Dr. Wohns

Richard Wohns, MD, JD, MBA
Founder, President & Board
Certified Neurosurgeon

Dr. Paly

David Paly, MD
Board Certified in Pain Medicine
& Anesthesiology

Dr. Wang

Kathy Wang, DO
Board Certified in Pain
Medicine & Anesthesiology

Dr. Mohit

Alex Mohit, MD, PhD
Board Certified

Dr. Nwosu

Kenneth Nwosu, MD
Board Eligible in
Orthopaedic Surgery


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